A marketing person on a mission

I am a Pragmatic Marketing trained marketing professional and strategist. With a side of prolifiic content creation. I work with teams to thoughtfully analyze and identify markets, solutions, and messages. And then we build content and programs to drive awareness, trial, and usage.

stopPeople have different perspectives. It pays to listen.

Talking with customers. There is nothing more fun (and valuable) than an on-site visit to a customer. Working with builders and marketers of solutions. Creating content to explain, generate awareness, and sell. Audio editing. Decent coffee. Having a positive impact on the world.

Work hard to get the team to avoid jumping straight into marketing artifacts before following a version of this five step process.

How I can help?

Gary Dietz, gdietz@garydietz.com    E-mail servers are standing by!

What a content marketing professional looks like in his natural environment.

What a marketing professional looks like in
his natural habitat. Notice the calendar and
interactive whiteboard in his wild den.

stop sign image / flickr wonderferret