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11 Best Practices for Giving Technology Analyst Interviews


One of the best managers and peers I have had the pleasure of working with recently gave an interview to a technology analyst. I was really impressed with how she handled the interview.  So I tried to read it and analyze why she did such a good job. Click on the image below to see the interview as I marked it up. I hope you can learn from her good job.

11 Best Practices for Giving an Interview with a Technology Analyst

Here is a summary of the 11 best practices

There are more, but these were the 11 that I think showed up clearly in the interview I have referenced and marked up above.

  1. Express humility toward team and market.
  2. Answer the questions. Don’t be a White House press secretary.
  3. Know your company and product differentiators cold.
  4. If you need to mention competition downsides, don’t do it by name if possible but rather by generic shortcomings seen in the market in general.
  5. Know your numbers and the ones you can (and can’t) share publicly.  This is just like Shark Tank.
  6. Turn a challenging question into a relevant and authentic positive (but answer!)
  7. If an analyst challenges you directly, don’t be defensive. And you should be prepared to answer the hardest questions. Practice with co-workers until you don’t sound defensive in your answers.
  8. If you have to mention competition by name, take the high road. If you must take a shot at the competition, make sure you are correct (prepare!) and say it politely.
  9. If you have to say something about the competition, ensure that what you say will (politely) put them on the defensive when it is their turn to answer the analysts questions.
  10. Build credibility and thought leadership by admitting when your solution doesn’t do something – by showing industry knowledge and vision by explaining why you don’t do what they asked.
  11. Share a general vision of the future (not a product roadmap) that is plausible based on the credibility you just earned, or have earned in the past.

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You can find the original interview in the publicly available issue of Wainhouse Research News and Views, Volume 14, Issue #05, 06-March-2013.