Career Highlights

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  1. Launch: Managed multiple years of marketing launch efforts of Elluminate Live and associated products, a real-time teaching SaaS used by 1500+ districts & universities with millions of mins/month, acquired by Blackboard. Launched over 10 major software and hardware products.
  2. Prolific sales enablement asset creator: From white papers to infographics to ad-hoc videos to agency created animations to slide decks to sales skits to web landing pages, created individually, with teams, or with agencies, prolifically ideates and creates content that performs. Examples: Web changes and campaigns that increased conversion 20% YoY.
  3. Sales Enablement: Streamlined a very long slide deck into a shorter one with fewer purchase options and clearer value. Closed one sale myself as a validation of the content and approach.
  4. Process cleanup and practices: Modeled personas, improved nascent social and blog presence, email campaigns data cleanup, and sales processes. Managed junior creatives and seasoned peers. Applied lower-right quadrant of Pragmatic Marketing Framework in context of a very small firm.
  5. Increased social engagement: Built a Facebook and Twitter sponsorship test to determine terms and images that resonated best with personas and points in buyer’s journey. Iterated and increased engagement up to 200%. Received as many YouTube views in 4 months (50K+) as previous versions did in multiple years. Average view duration over 60% and during some periods over 75%.
  6. Created 100+ member Partner Program: Built a named account marketing program with over 100 members who agreed to co-marketing obligations. Some referred customers, all co-marketed. Built relationships that have lasted to this day!
  7. $6M+ pipeline and $400K closes for a new product offering: Led an OEM-in effort of a German firm to bring us new HD video technology to offer universities & consortia. From first meeting through next 18 months I led as Product Manager, evangelist, and leader to create a new pipeline with closed revenue. Trained sales and SEs on how to fight and win against incumbents.
  8. Book project, Dads of Disability: Research for need, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, Google Analytics, Twitter Ads, Facebook ads, PR. Blogs, podcasts, conference presentations, and speaking invitations from organizations like the Johns Hopkins/National Institutes for Health (where a White House Rep attended my talk), Tufts, and more. Managed editors, animators, and essayists from around the world and got incredible press coverage for a vertical market independent trade paperback.
  9. Research, planning, and biz dev: analyzed landscape, led biz dev meetings to apply technology with partner businesses such as WebEx and RealNetworks, where we had the #11 RealNetworks plug-in of the year (which meant something then). Worked months with Microsoft team to get mimio on stage with Bill Gates with release of Windows 2000.
  10. Investor pitches and product planning: Wrote vision specs and stories for hardware and cloud features (same space as Microsoft Surface Hub and Google Jamboard) – raised multiple millions.
  11. Frequent app deployment: Managed team that delivered over two dozen apps on iOS, Play, and Amazon stores. Ran daily/weekly meetings to track. Updated or introduced 6 new apps during my tenure.
  12. Dale Carnegie Human Relations and Sales Courses, invited back as a student assistant.
  13. Campaigns and agency engagement: Brought in external firms for proposals for six-figure 2017 campaign proposals, banner creatives, and multilingual animations supports. Ran integrated campaigns with internal agency team that exceeded previous year’s revenue.
  14. BONUS 14th Bullet! At age 9, I wrote a spec for a calculator called “The TI Budget Shopper” and Texas Instruments never answered me. At 12, I created, packaged and sold my own polished rock jewelry and sold it door-to-door making over $400. At 14, I predicted movies on solid state data cards.