Resume/Career Path

At Playrific, in my first 120 days I (deep inhale) set up a Salesforce instance, revamped legacy product pricing, launched an Indiegogo for a smart toy platform, cleaned up a Mailchimp database and moved it to Constant Contact, tested Twitter and Facebook sponsored ads to hone keyword choices, wrote 10 blog posts (some of them substantial positioning issues), and put a new, temporary corporate website up with my team. And ran PM agile and leadership meetings. Oh, and I managed some accounts as a temporary sales person. Prior to Playrific, at I2X Technologies I worked on roadmaps, business development, investor communication, and branding efforts as employee number 3. I stayed until about employee 13 when I was stolen away to join Playrific.

Some consulting:
After leaving Elluminate in 2011 (6 months after Blackboard acquired them), I worked on a number of content and strategy marketing contracts with Bose, Avaya, and SmartBear. I took an Agile seminar and worked on and released my first book, now a 5-star reviewed book and ebook.

Before that:
At Elluminate where I led their first OEM-in deal, led community partnerships, and was a key liason to the press and analysts.

My product management and marketing start:
At an early video chat company (White Pine CU-SeeMe) was hired as Product Manager. A very cool learning experience leading a team as a PM, training VARs, working with the press, understanding customer requirements, and learning what ‘partnerships’ are and aren’t.

Tech Writer and Internet Collectibles Pioneer:
I started my career in the Silicon Valley as a technical and marketing writer and VAR trainer. Then I moved east and shifted to product marketing and management.  My first foray in the transition was a very early commercial web site. (See it here! and don’t laugh!  That was hand coded in 1995/6 before there were basically any tools.) That business that helped me sell six figures of collectibles on the web and on a home shopping channel and through an AOL partner.

Writing degree from the State University of New York at Potsdam with a semester in Japan.  Taken the full suite of Pragmatic Marketing courses and many business and marketing and leadership extension courses and seminars. Attended Agile seminars and PR seminars. Dale Carnegie trained (including a return visit as a student facilitator.)

As a teenage entrepreneur:
I started out at a young age with an entrepreneurial spirit. Made and sold jewelry door-to-door. Converted an Atari game controller to work on an Apple II computer and showed it at an Apple user group. Invented a kind of mini-cheesecake when I was a dishwasher at a Greek diner and they sold them.