Product Owner

I am trained in the Pragmatic Marketing framework and have been involved in the release of many products with titles like Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager, and Community Partner Manager. In each of these roles I was responsible individually, with a team, and with agencies to create and manage of a ton of content.

Here is a partial list of products I participated in:

  • The Playrific App Factory (iOS and Android apps for children’s brands and kids) and the Playrific Gazintu smart toy project.
  • A still confidential product from I2X Technologies in the collaboration space (hardware and software)
  • Elluminate and Elluminate VCS: SaaS webconferencing and videoconferencing for education and training.
  • Dads of Disability book project, blog, and social media and press outreach.
  • Click to Meet Express and H.323 Conference Server: Business desktop videoconferencing and standards-based video collaboration bridge.
  • mimio and mimio boardCast: Interactive whiteboard. Simultaneous multiple language release of the software, the packaging and doc, and many marketing and business development deals, including an early partnership marketing activities with WebEx and Microsoft.
  • CU-SeeMe and Classpoint: CU-SeeMe was the first consumer video chat software.  ClassPoint was a vertical implementation for Edu. As PM I created the first “distance learning” web content destination and led press and analyst tours and VAR training seminars in the US and Europe.
  • Historical Collectibles: I created a very early commerce site that sold historic collectibles on the web and achieved national press coverage and sales online and on home shopping channels.
  • Home media server and content distribution
  • Document workflow solutions

Here are a selection of some of the other project areas I have consulted on in a marketing and/or content context:

  • Data protection hardware and software
  • Trucking safety technology
  • Research reports on disabilities products
  • Online help systems for non-PC devices
  • Semiconductor inspection systems
  • Web conferencing
  • Pharma training
  • Disability advocacy