Sales Enablement / Design / Misc.

Sales Enablement:  Sales folks love me.  I help with the strategy and tactics of sales tools from slides to videos to presentation coaching. I have presented at annual sales conferences every year I was a PM or PMM. These presentations were in character, or “straight” slides or activity based.  (The elevator pitch contest is one of my favorites.) I brief analysts, accompany sales on account visits, and help train and improve tradeshow and conference content and approach.

Tools and design: As marketer you need to use tools or know folks that know how to use them. I do. I’m not a webmaster but I speak webbish. Please have a look at my “legacy” web page about marketing, elearning, and communication and collaboration technology. It’s still up at I worked with a firm for the design and logo on this site, and maintained it myself for years.

Tools I use well or amazingly well include PowerPoint, Prezi, Excel, WordPress, Adobe Audition for podcast production, SalesForce user and basic implementer, including Vertical Response and Constant Contact projects, Camtasia Studio, and others.

Managing Agency Deliveries: I’ve also worked with agencies collaboratively and as a team leader to develop videos, white papers, technical documentation, analyst reports, and PowerPoint templates and branding.

My First Book: I did all of the design, image licensing, writer management, licensing of content, social media, ebook management, and sales and business development efforts for this project.  See