Content Marketer: Video & Podcasts & Youtube

Regardless of my title I have always been hands-on “in the trenches” as a content creator. I am a pro-sumer level video and audio storyteller. I love working with agencies when the budget allows! But I am quite adept at rolling up the sleeves and creating when the budget is limited.

Podcasts (extensive interviews each edited to 12 minutes)

Explainer Videos
Some of these videos were produced in a guerilla fashion on practically no budget.  Some with agencies, who I love to work with.

Powerful, “Overnight” Videos (All done in less than 3 days)
This video is the shortest (and most fun) artifact for the Playrific Gazintu project setting up its “backstory” in a fun way.I wrote this, did the voiceover, coached the recent-college grad artist who did the drawings, and edited this myself.

This is a video I created based on the graphic work (PPT slides) of an agency our team directed. But I produced the video. It was part of an integrated marketing campaign to “C” level execs.

This video was created (in a marathon weekend!) to prove to customers that desktop videoconferencing was ready for prime time for the American Sign Language vertical.

This was a fun piece I created to show a client that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or use “Flash” to create a really interesting video.

This is a video I created to show folks how to integrate off-the-shelf hardware into an existing SaaS application.