Content Marketer: Video & Podcasts & Youtube

Regardless of my title I have always been hands-on “in the trenches” as a content creator. I am a pro-sumer level video and audio storyteller. I love working with agencies when the budget allows! But I am quite adept at rolling up the sleeves and creating when the budget is limited.

Podcasts I produced (extensive interviews each edited to 12 minutes)

Videos I produced
Some of these videos were produced in a guerilla fashion on practically no budget.  I provide them here to show that I can create on my own if necessary (though I love to work with agencies).

Youtube Videos

This video is the shortest (and most fun) artifact for the Playrific Gazintu project setting up its “backstory” in a fun way. It was a precursor to what was supposed to be a series and a comic book. I wrote this, did the voiceover, coached the recent-college grad artist who did the drawings, and edited this myself.

This is a video I created based on the graphic work (PPT slides) of an agency our team directed. But I produced the video. It was part of an integrated marketing campaign to “C” level execs.

This video is an animation I wrote and voiced and produced for. It was animated by a young person I managed remotely and was used as the video for a crowdsourcing project.

While no big deal today, this video was created (in a marathon weekend!) to prove to customers that desktop videoconferencing was ready for prime time for the American Sign Language vertical.

This was a fun piece I created to show a client that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or use “Flash” to create a really interesting video.

This is a video I created to show folks how to integrate off-the-shelf hardware into an existing SaaS application.

This fun piece was an answer to a Seth Godin post. Although the finger puppets were purchase commercially, I created the “set” by hand.