Content Marketer: Writer

Regardless of my title or level at the company, I have always been hands-on “in the trenches” as a content creator in addition to my leadership skills. What can I do for you?

  • Come up with creative ways to explain complex things
  • Create thoughtful and impactful messaging frameworks to inform assets and programs
  • Ensure that content is used in measurable ways
  • Work with artists and animators effectively
  • Use a lot of your whiteboard pens

White Papers and PowerPoint and Brochures, oh my!
Regardless of how I feel about PowerPoint, I wrangle it with the best of them. Ask me for samples of slides, or white papers, or datasheets and brochures.

Customer Stories
I have written hundreds of customer stories even before the Agile process called them customer stories.

Published books
I managed the curating and editing of works of 36 writers and poets in a collection called Dads of Disability which is now a 5-star rated Amazon book and ebook on all major platforms. I did the book design, creation, publishing, and marketing and social media for this project.

See the blog entries on the home tab for this site as well as entries on my Dads of Disability project site. I have also guest and ghost blogged on:

  • Extensive blogging and metrics measurements at Acronis
  • The SmartBear blog about Agile development and code reviews
  • The nation Easter Seals web page
  • The “Love That Max” blog
  • The web site
  • And more…

This is a Prezi I created about a taxonomy of the eLearning landscape. And working with Prezi at Acronis too.

Brochures, Conference Presentations, Training Materials, and Speeches
Too numerous to count. Please contact me for details.